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what is dropshipping

What is dropshipping and is it right for your business? By Jack Simpson We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to set up a fully working shop, albeit a virtual ecommerce one.  One of the things that makes it so easy is the fact that, unlike in the past, you don’t actually need to own or store any stock in order to start selling to customers. How is that possible? One of the most popular ways is through dropshipping. What is dropshipping? Here’s a picture of an actual ship being dropped. This is not what dropshipping is. It’s ...

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how drop shipping works


How drop shipping works? Is drop shipping the best way to bootstrap an e-commerce company? by Matthew Carroll   Everyone here at Brightpearl talks with customers and new prospects dozens of times per week about drop shipping, but we definitely found that there really wasn’t a greatoverview of the process to give growing retailers a detailed analysis of this process as part of a lower-risk vertical expansion strategy. how drop shipping works? we will try to find the answer from the below discussion: What is drop shipping? Let’s start out by getting a good general definition of drop shipping to make sure ...

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