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Ecommerce Branding for Small Business Site

How to Do Ecommerce Branding for Your Small Business  Website

by Julie Knudson

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Many small business owners are familiar with branding—a concept historically connected to brick-and-mortar locations and print advertisements—but as more small business retailers move online, branding elements play an important role in the customer experience. When it comes ecommerce branding,  site, logos and products are just the tip of the iceberg.

Small Business Strategies and Ecommerce Branding:

Andrea Wagner, head of design at Bigcommerce, says that entrepreneurs who lack a visual or branding background may think that branding is limited to fixed components, such as logos and trademarks. But that’s only part of the story.

“In modern consumer culture, your brand is almost synonymous with your reputation,” says Wagner. Small businesses thrive on their carefully nurtured reputations. Branding must remain a priority in the ecommerce realm, because you’re no longer physically present to talk with your customers. “When you’re not able to control that conversation—because it’s happening overnight or in other countries—your brand elements will help build your reputation online,” Wagner explains.

“Branding is absolutely essential to help your business stand out in the extremely crowded ecommerce marketplace,” says Sarah Matista, marketing communications manager at Vistaprint. Developing a clear identity for your small business helps differentiate it from competitors.

Launching a small business ecommerce presence gives entrepreneurs another platform to continue building their brand. But without a clear branding strategy, Matista says that ecommerce branding may actually be at a disadvantage.

“In the past, brick-and-mortar retailers competed primarily with stores in their own geographic areas,” says Matista. “Ecommerce stores potentially pit themselves against millions of other retailers—big and small—around the world.” A strong brand resonates with customers across this broader arena.

Ecommerce Branding Ideas for Small Businesses

Two keys to small business ecommerce success: telling your brand’s story and cementing its identity. Small business etailers “need to make a quick and strong connection with distracted, on-the-go digital consumers,” says Matista.

Tell your ecommerce shoppers who you are immediately; it will help connect them to your brand and shape their shopping experience. That’s the power behind “a strong story and identity,” says Matista. “The company name, logo, shopping experience and marketing strategy should follow from the story.”

Although big retailers dominate much of the online world, small business ecommerce sites have one big advantage: a highly personal customer experience. Look for ways to build a connection with consumers as soon as they hit your landing page. [Read more……]

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