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eCommerce Irresistible

5 Easy Tricks to Make Your eCommerce Irresistible

by Collected from wix.com

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Close your eyes and think of your favorite brand. Does one particular item come to mind? Nike has Air Force Ones, Apple’s got the latest iPhone, everyone loves Lululemon’s yoga pants… and odds are, your brand also has a key item that sets you apart from the rest. Don’t hide these special goods on the digital “back shelf”! Your business’s best-seller deserves the stand out treatment on your eCommerce website.

Not sure what works best? We found 5 fabulous online stores that nailed the art of showing off their hottest goods for eCommerce irresistible.

Start with the Stunning New Wix Stores Templates:

Every online store has to start somewhere. Lucky for you, if the place you’re starting from is Wix’s new eCommerce templates, you’re set with everything you need to create a beautiful online store. Let’s break it down:

  • Advanced web design features like parallax scrolling and video backgrounds
  • Easy to customize store fronts
  • Individualized product page for each of your items
  • Essential marketing tools like email and coupons available at your fingertips
  • Intuitive store manager with everything you need to accept payments, set shipping, and manage your order

…all that’s missing is your own items + your business’s unique branding touch!

Ready for a first spin around the eCommerce block? Check out the Bowtie Behavior shop template and then set your eyes on the real life store for a taste of how you can customize any template into a website that speaks to your brand’s needs.

Create a Killer Storefront

Piece of History is an online store that knows how to make a great first impression! Their customized product gallery showcases their new and best selling items in the first fold, giving site visitors a sneak peek into the store’s awesome offerings, before they even do any real browsing. Their personal touch doesn’t stop there; this shop went the extra mile by customizing everything from each clever product pages to the style of their shopping cart.

Every Item Has a Story

When your store’s concept is as cool as Suo‘s you’ll want to create a website that captures your unique brand. Starting from their name, Suo.Shoes, they already stand apart by ditching the (dot)com and using the more industry specific (dot)shoes suffix. The online store dove deeper into their story by incorporating everything from a beautiful video background to stylish diagrams that invite their fans to virtually experience the thrill of creating their own handmade shoes.[Read more…]

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