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Ecommerce SEO Marketing Tips

Ecommerce SEO – Tips For Marketing Your Online Store

by azad@rule

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ECommerce SEO services are quite different then the ordinary search engine optimization. Actually, I wanted to buy a gift for my best friend that I couldn’t find in local stores on his birthday, so I tried to find that on some of the well-known online stores. But guess what! With the sheer number of the e-commerce website, I was completely surprised when I couldn’t even find it online. And even worse when I was unable to find the exact product I wanted in Google SERP’s!

But this one instance forced me to think about, how many other people searching for products end up empty-handed? Being SEO professional, it reminded me the importance of SEO for e-commerce sites. And how ecommerce SEO can make or break your online store success.

Importance of   Ecommerce SEO for Business

How do you sell your products in an e-commerce store? It is an important question that you often come across. In a nutshell, it’s the SEO or search engine optimization process that can help your store to rank higher than your competitors in the search engine searches and thus generate more traffic to your store.

More traffic means more potential customers are visiting your online store that will help in generating better business. Therefore, a well-planned SEO strategy for e-commerce websites is very important for any online store to do good business.

Success Factors for eCommerce Business

1. Easy to find ecommerce seo site or online stores

Digital marketing services proving a real gem in helping e-commerce website getting found easily are SEO & Search, Build a database, PPC optimization, remarketing and social media marketing to understand your customers.

2. Easily accessible and shop-able site

Accessibility and systematic CTA improves shopping ability at your sites and nothing could be more effective then ecommerce SEO friendly website design and development of commerce stores. Below are nine elements of successful eCommerce website design.

3. Accountable, Authentic and Reliability of site

Great user experience (UX), Quick page load time, highly optimized images, easy to use payment options, secure checkout process, regularly updated sites, personalization and online chat help you be authentic, accountable, and can derive more positive reviews, of course, great products.

4. Regular analyzed improvements

In-depth analysis of user behavior through tools like Google analytics can help you improve conversion rate, acquisition cost, average ticket price, and delighted recurring customers

Common Ecommerce SEO Errors for Ecommerce Websites

There have been some common ecommerce SEO mistakes that are identified in online stores that are not generating the desired business.

  • There is often a lack of proper product description of the products that are on sale.
  • Often the descriptions used are the ones offered by the manufacturers who generally talks about product specifications. Such descriptions are not that appealing to a potential customer, and they do not a have proper idea why they need it.
  • Also, most online products lack product reviews which again are not at all helpful as the customer has no idea about the quality of the product.
  • Moreover often similar products have the same title or there is duplicate content that makes the pages un-optimized pages.
  • Again, most online stores do not focus on creating a niche user-experience and usability that is in attracting customers to their website.

    Result-oriented SEO Strategies for Ecommerce Sites

    The whole SEO process is about building flawless strategies that will ensure business. To build, a good SEO strategy for your online store, there are some specific rules or areas that you need to work on. Research is the key to any SEO strategy; it can make or break your online store. Make sure to have a detailed keyword research done for your products. Keywords are the terms that an average customer is using to search a particular product over the internet that is also available on yours or your competitors’ online store. Therefore, with proper keyword usage, potential buyers can be channelized to your website over your competitor.

    Identify the problems

    Therefore to stand out in the competition, the first step for any online store is to analyze their website and identify the current problems and also determine the website speed. It is an essential part of the optimization process of your website. Once the problems are identified it’s easier to work on the optimization process of the website.

    Work on better optimization

    For better optimization you need to optimize your keywords through unique rich contents on the website.

    Content Marketing

    Posting articles and blogs related to the keywords on different websites also helps in the optimization process. Invest time in building and marketing quality content for effective database building for enhancing your reach. Another important aspect of the optimization is the link building process through blogs and article posting.

    Website Structure

    You should also pay attention to your website design and structure to ensure it’s user-friendly and make it dynamic.

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