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Handmade Business on the Rise

Handmade Business on the Rise, Business Failures Down

by Small Business Editor


It was a week of big wins in small business. Though it wasn’t planned this way, the debut of a Small Business Trends column on handmade business this week corresponded with more news that the industry is on the rise.

And for those who worry about the overall health of small business, there are some soothing words and some original research out this week from entrepreneurial expert and columnist Scott Shane. It’s all part of the Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup below.

Handmade Business

Artsy Central Shows Trend Toward Etsy Alternatives

Katie De Valle’s passion is cookies. The owner of Yummy-Yummy Sugar Shop, De Valle has been selling cookies on Etsy for a few years now. But a negative experience with the site recently inspired her to start a new venture. In short, De Valle had a customer, who also happened to be a seller on Etsy, complain about an order.

Etsy Dives Into Video with New Video App Feature for Merchants

The eCommerce website Etsy has announced a new feature for its sellers. CalledEtsy Shop Videos, the feature is an addition to Etsy’s mobile app where sellers can add videos to their shop pages. Through the “Sell on Etsy” app, shop owners can now take videos of their products using their smartphones and share them directly to their Etsy page and social media accounts.

Portrait of the Handmade Business Owner

Imagine a community of entrepreneurs that has no geographical boundaries. They come from the nation’s most populated cities and its tiniest towns, and they actually make the products they sell — themselves. Such a handmade business owner community exists — and it is not composed of crafters and hobbyists as you might first conclude.


Business Failure Rates Are Declining

Many observers have become alarmed by the spike in business failure rates that occurred during the Great Recession. Jim Clifton, the CEO of Gallup, saw the rise in business closures as a signal of a decline in American small business. But there is some good news.


Are Your Employees Two-Timing You?

Do you suspect that one of your employees is moonlighting or working another job on the side — and that it’s starting to affect the quality of their work at your business? If you haven’t already run into this employee moonlighting conundrum, you’re more likely to in the coming years.

Minneapolis Sick Leave Plan Will Hurt City’s Smallest Businesses

The City of Minneapolis is moving forward with a controversial Minneapolis sick leave plan that was proposed last year, mandating city business owners must provide earned sick and safe time for all Minneapolis workers.


Star Wars Spoof Raises Question: Do You Know Your Employees?

Since February 2010, CBS television series “Undercover Boss” has been a window into what employees experience in the workplace, and their reactions. But a recentSaturday Night Live spoof takes a very extreme approach to how bosses may react to some of the inevitable … criticism.

Marketing Tips

Have You Heard of the Flat Lay or Boho Design Trends?

You’ve probably seen Flat Lay design, even if you haven’t heard the term.  Flat Lay design refers to a shot of items lying flat on a table, floor or other surface, shot from above. You see these kinds of images on eCommerce sites and other websites frequently. The Flat Lay design trend is up 160 percent according to the just-released Creative Trends 2016 report by Shutterstock.

Controversial Ad Blockers: Ask Customers to Just Say No to Them?

Ad blockers are every online publisher’s worst nightmare. While Web and mobile users may dislike seeing ads on their favorite sites, they should also remember the value they are receiving as a result. After all, advertising is what pays for much of the free content online.

Google News Doesn’t Help Rank Your Site (But It Drives Traffic)

Have you ever thought about applying to have your site show up in Google News (the news search engine of Google)? If you think being in Google News is a backdoor way to help your site rank better in the regular Google search engine, think again. A Google official recently stated that being on Google News doesn’t help with rankings in Google.

What Can You Learn From Chipotle About Rescuing Your Brand?

Business success relies on an innovative product or service that effectively catches the attention of your market. But it also relies upon maintaining your reputationand a bond of trust with your customers. As long as customers have trust in your brand, they will continue to flock to your product or service. That means continued prosperity and longevity for your business. [Read more…..]

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