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Momtrepreneur: 5 Start-up Tips

How Blogging Moms Can Be Momtrepreneur: 5 Start-up Tips



Momtrepreneur” Is HardThere are a lot of women that give up their professional ambitions when they get married to find themselves in the middle of domestic priorities. Life takes a U-turn when they get married and embrace motherhood allowing their focus only on managing household chores. Fortunately, the Internet has brought a whole new platform for the married women. The Internet lets you relive your dreams and lead a life that is financially liberated, professionally esteemed and intellectually fulfilling. But how do you go about it? Here are five start-up tips for you to establish yourself as a professional blogger online and make money as a momtrepreneur.

Create a Blog Momtrepreneur

The first thing you can do to begin your start-up journey is to have a blog as a momtrepreneur. Today, anyone can build a blog easily with the help of Blogger.com or WordPress.com. However, you will want to go with WordPress.com as it offers greater flexibility and more exposure to your blog. If you’re not familiar with how to create a blog using WordPress.com, you can find lot of YouTube video that can teach you how to blogging  .

Create a PayPal Account

If you want to work with overseas clients, you need to create a PayPal account as most of your potential clients use PayPal to make online payments. For domestic clients, you just need to have a bank account in any leading bank in your country. Usually, they wire the money directly to your account or send pay check to your address for momtrepreneur.

Promote Yourself

You don’t need to a marketing wizard or a geek to promote your blog online. You can do so by spending just a couple of minutes daily. If you are on Facebook and fairy active there, you need to exploit your presence to promote your blog. You don’t need to spend an eternity promoting your blog to get more attention from the prospective clients. Just stick to a time limit and be regular. Apart from Facebook, you can also spend some time on Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with your audience and fellow bloggers. To know more about how to promote yourself as a blogger on Facebook, visit the Facebook fan page of Kristi Hines.

Be a Guest Blogger

Guest blogging is another way to promote your blog in a smart fashion. Guest blogging offers your talent a direct exposure to a potential audience that can contact you for their future assignments. There are a lot of guest blogging opportunities for you. A large number of blogs allow you to write a guest post for them. However, you need to be selective about them. To begin with, just write one post per week to manage your time towards other start-up priorities. Similarly, choose to write for a blog that offers you some exposure and helps you establish you as an authority as a momtrepreneur. There’s no point writing for a blog that doesn’t have many visitors to it. [Read more…. ]


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