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Ecommerce Store Hacks

Ecommerce Store

5 Social Media for Your Ecommerce Store Hacks   By Daniel Dockery e key to increasing your ecommerce store hacks productivity is to increase its visibility. While there are several methods that you can use to drive customers to your website, there are few greater tools than social media. Unfortunately, many social media sites, like Pinterest and Instagram, bar retailers from making sales directly from their sites. But what is the Internet if you cannot hack your way out of a problem? Just because the main social media networks do not want you to directly sell from their site does not ...

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Ecommerce Social Media

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Ecommerce Social Media in business activities, THE MISSING LINK IN B2B By PYMNTS @pymnts   Social media is entering the B2B space in mysterious ways. For some businesses, Ecommerce Social Media platforms are beneficial in similar ways to B2C companies: building brand awareness, and connecting with potential customers. Increasingly, B2B firms are turning to a hybrid of eCommerce-social media services. Suppliers and manufacturers can build a social media profile to find potential customers, and then conduct their trading. But recent research suggests that Ecommerce Social Media sites are not quite there when it comes to facilitating transactions between B2B companies. A ...

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Small Business’s 13 Alternatives to WordPress

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 13  WordPress  Alternatives for Small Business’s By Matt Mansfield Though many believe that WordPress is the best solution to use when building your small business website, it’s not a panacea that fits ever company’s needs. A sharp learning curve combined with the ongoing burden of constant upgradesand the need for frequent backups often leads to a search for other website building solutions. Fortunately, there are many small business alternatives to WordPress. While some of these alternatives, such as Joomla and Drupal, bring the same challenges as WordPress, others are more straightforward and manageable. That’s an appealing prospect for those who don’t ...

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ECommerce History As We Know It

 Ecommerce History Began By Yoav Vilner Ecommerce History began 40 years ago, we can really pinpoint the birth to the launching of Amazonand eBay in 1995. Ordinary people, who for years had to buy their goods by walking into stores or thumbing through catalogs and ordering by phone, could now shop online. The Past Ecommerce History In the beginning, Amazon only offered books, as literature was in high-demand, becoming the largest “bookstore” in the world. As the company grew, they started selling electronics like cameras, videos, software, and computer hardware. For everything else, eBay allowed people to bid in auctions for a plethora of products ranging ...

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Drive Ecommerce Sales with 3 Promotional Tools

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Drive Ecommerce Sales Apparel . By Neal Kaiser It’s estimated that 1.623 billion people will shop online in 2018, a 50 percent increase over 2013. As more and more consumers are shopping online, the promotional tools used to boost your apparel ecommerce storefront are expanding, as well. Both online and on mobile, first impressions matter more than ever. Well-curated images and punchy copy will set your products apart from vendors selling similar items, but what will keep your customers moving from their first click to checkout for driveecommerce sales? It’s not easy. An average of 68.53 percent of shoppers abandon their shopping carts before checkout, ...

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