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More Marketers Beginning to Focus on eCommerce

By Emma Martin This year more than any other, marketers and marketing agencies are beginning to think about eCommerce in their efforts with regard to designing and launching websites, particularly those optimized for mobile. Ahead of the weekend, Rand Internet Marketing –a web development company — announced a coupling with FoyerLive, a firm that lets businesses bring the power of eCommerce functionality into their physical stores. “We are excited to be partnering with FoyerLive,” said Seth Rand, Founder & CEO at Rand Internet Marketing. “We believe FoyerLive will provide successful solutions that will deliver positive results for our clients within ...

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Ecommerce Product page

Ecommerce Product

9 Steps to the Perfect Ecommerce Product Page By Business 2 Community What are the elements that make up a high converting e-commerce product page? Jeff is excited about launching his online business. He’s generating a ton of traffic to his product pages, but his conversion rates aren’t so hot. Upon further examination of his product pages, he’s noticed they’re bland. Product descriptions are copied directly from the manufacturer. The resolution of the images is low. Pages lack reviews. The list of flaws goes on. Right now, Jeff is asking himself some questions. How can I increase conversions? How can ...

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