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Running an Ecommerce Business

running an ecommerce business

50+ Hard Lessons You’ll Learn When Running an Ecommerce Business by joe Running an Ecommerce Business could be a source to learn more about your audience. Now think about a world in which you never started that store. Would you have ended up in a completely different place in your life? Can you even imagine it at all? If you’ve found success in the world of ecommerce, chances are you can’t fathom the idea of not working on whatever it is you’re selling. However, in terms of people who are playing around with an idea or just starting to launch a shop online, they ...

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Shaping eCommerce by Women

shaping ecommerce

How women are shaping eCommerce By Richard Heasman With the rapid development of mobile purchasing, eCommerce has blossomed into a multi-billion pound industry, and women have taken a significant lead. Unlike other industries, eCommerce offers a flexibility and accessibility that never existed in traditional business. Armed with laptops, kitchen tables and coffee shops – Wi-Fi has become a sledgehammer to the glass ceiling. Leading brands are investing heavily in mobile business as consumers increasingly use tablets and mobiles to shop and complete transactions. This has led to an exponential boom in the online sphere, with the emergence of social start-ups run ...

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Handmade Business on the Rise

Handmade Business

Handmade Business on the Rise, Business Failures Down by Small Business Editor It was a week of big wins in small business. Though it wasn’t planned this way, the debut of a Small Business Trends column on handmade business this week corresponded with more news that the industry is on the rise. And for those who worry about the overall health of small business, there are some soothing words and some original research out this week from entrepreneurial expert and columnist Scott Shane. It’s all part of the Small Business Trends News and Information Roundup below. Handmade Business Artsy Central ...

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Ecommerce Branding for Small Business Site

ecommerce branding

How to Do Ecommerce Branding for Your Small Business  Website by Julie Knudson Many small business owners are familiar with branding—a concept historically connected to brick-and-mortar locations and print advertisements—but as more small business retailers move online, branding elements play an important role in the customer experience. When it comes ecommerce branding,  site, logos and products are just the tip of the iceberg. Small Business Strategies and Ecommerce Branding: Andrea Wagner, head of design at Bigcommerce, says that entrepreneurs who lack a visual or branding background may think that branding is limited to fixed components, such as logos and trademarks. But that’s only ...

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Showrooming Effect in Business

Showrooming effect

Showrooming effect: 3 Reason of Creating Buzz!!! by rhktuhin Showrooming effect is now a buzz in the ecommerce trends. There are lots significant reason to having this buzz. The retailers are forcing to devise new ways to keep consumers. This trends led to a decrease the traditional retail sales because off showrooming effect. As showrooming refer to, purchasing the product in online after consumer have looked at the store. The technology integration in ecommerce business has an important role. 3 Reason for Showrooming effect: Flexibility: Time Flexibility one of the important reason in retail business. Consumer can buy their product at ...

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