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Ecommerce Store Hacks

Ecommerce Store

5 Social Media for Your Ecommerce Store Hacks   By Daniel Dockery e key to increasing your ecommerce store hacks productivity is to increase its visibility. While there are several methods that you can use to drive customers to your website, there are few greater tools than social media. Unfortunately, many social media sites, like Pinterest and Instagram, bar retailers from making sales directly from their sites. But what is the Internet if you cannot hack your way out of a problem? Just because the main social media networks do not want you to directly sell from their site does not ...

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Ecommerce Social Media

Social media, b2b

Ecommerce Social Media in business activities, THE MISSING LINK IN B2B By PYMNTS @pymnts   Social media is entering the B2B space in mysterious ways. For some businesses, Ecommerce Social Media platforms are beneficial in similar ways to B2C companies: building brand awareness, and connecting with potential customers. Increasingly, B2B firms are turning to a hybrid of eCommerce-social media services. Suppliers and manufacturers can build a social media profile to find potential customers, and then conduct their trading. But recent research suggests that Ecommerce Social Media sites are not quite there when it comes to facilitating transactions between B2B companies. A ...

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Small Business’s 13 Alternatives to WordPress

small business, wordpress

 13  WordPress  Alternatives for Small Business’s By Matt Mansfield Though many believe that WordPress is the best solution to use when building your small business website, it’s not a panacea that fits ever company’s needs. A sharp learning curve combined with the ongoing burden of constant upgradesand the need for frequent backups often leads to a search for other website building solutions. Fortunately, there are many small business alternatives to WordPress. While some of these alternatives, such as Joomla and Drupal, bring the same challenges as WordPress, others are more straightforward and manageable. That’s an appealing prospect for those who don’t ...

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ECommerce History As We Know It

 Ecommerce History Began By Yoav Vilner Ecommerce History began 40 years ago, we can really pinpoint the birth to the launching of Amazonand eBay in 1995. Ordinary people, who for years had to buy their goods by walking into stores or thumbing through catalogs and ordering by phone, could now shop online. The Past Ecommerce History In the beginning, Amazon only offered books, as literature was in high-demand, becoming the largest “bookstore” in the world. As the company grew, they started selling electronics like cameras, videos, software, and computer hardware. For everything else, eBay allowed people to bid in auctions for a plethora of products ranging ...

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Drive Ecommerce Sales with 3 Promotional Tools

drive ecommerce sales

Drive Ecommerce Sales Apparel . By Neal Kaiser It’s estimated that 1.623 billion people will shop online in 2018, a 50 percent increase over 2013. As more and more consumers are shopping online, the promotional tools used to boost your apparel ecommerce storefront are expanding, as well. Both online and on mobile, first impressions matter more than ever. Well-curated images and punchy copy will set your products apart from vendors selling similar items, but what will keep your customers moving from their first click to checkout for driveecommerce sales? It’s not easy. An average of 68.53 percent of shoppers abandon their shopping carts before checkout, ...

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eCommerce Success’s Efficient Delivery Management System Leads tool

eCommerce Success

Efficient Delivery Management System Leads To eCommerce Success By Delivery management solutions provider Scurri has developed a new delivery infographic for businesses to gain valuable insight into the quality of their existing delivery service, and to highlight how improving on it will bring greater returns on their operational spend. Scurri says its new delivery infographic provides eCommerce businesses with insights into the current delivery industry and on customers’ expectations for delivery of their online shopping orders. The infographic is based on industry facts and figures on the online shopping and delivery sector – from industry experts such as Nielsen, ...

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Small business: 5 Tips for Selling Overseas

Small business

How to Sell Overseas: 5 Tips for Small Business By Dan Leberman (Editor’s note: Since 2001, PayPal has been a leading player in worldwide online payments. Its customers can currently send and receive funds in 26 currencies. We asked Dan Leberman, PayPal North America’s vice president, small and medium business, for his advice to small business owners interested in expanding into global markets.) Have you considered making international sales a part of your small business growth strategy? If not, why not? According to a Neilson study commissioned by PayPal (.PDF), cross-border trade is growing exponentially. Across the U.S., U.K., Germany, ...

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How 3 Beauty Brands Overcome eCommerce Obstacles

eCommerce Obstacles

Ecommerce obstacles from 3 beauty brands By Stephanie Wharton Though in-store sales still comprise the bulk of consumer spending, the prevalence of ecommerce has made it almost too easy to purchase food, clothing, electronics and, well, almost anything online. Yet while many industries are thriving, the beauty sector has had a more difficult time finding success in the ecommerce environment. Why? For starters, sales of products like lipstick, blush, nail polish and eyeshadow are often contingent on a precise color harmonizing with a particular skin tone or style. Stock photos, in which colors tend to get skewed during the photo editing ...

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Social commerce leading by Facebook

social commerce

Facebook is leading the way in social commerce By Cooper Smith Facebook is the top social commerce platform, driving more than two-thirds of mobile e-commerce traffic and boosting social media’s quickly growing share of e-commerce web traffic. Facebook accounts for 50% of total social referrals and 64% of total social revenue. The site’s social commerce initiatives, including a recent focus on its Messenger app, largely reflect social media’s increasingly important role for online retailers. In a report from BI Intelligence we analyze social media’s impact on online retail — whether that’s driving direct sales with the use of embedded “Buy” buttons on ...

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eCommerce website Creating a WordPress

ecommerce website

A Simple Guide on Creating a WordPress Powered eCommerce website by Samuel Dawson With the internet becoming one of the most sought-after platforms for performing multiple purchases, it has become imperative for the e-commerce merchants to have an e-store that’s capable of wooing the customers instantly. Despite its popularity as a CMS(Content Management System), WordPress has been considered as one of the most specialized eCommerce platforms that help in building high-end e-commerce websites for a targeted group of audience. In today’s post, I’ll walk you through an easy guideline on building a powerful and robust ecommerce website using a popular and ...

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eCommerce Sales That can Affect with 6 Factors

eCommerce Sales

6 Factors That Affect eCommerce Sales By Panos Mavrikos Despite of its growing popularity, we cannot deny the fact that ECommerce is an extremely competitive market. Ecommerce business owners must constantly stay on their toes and keep an eye on their competition. Despite of a promising market and the recent splurge in the online shopping industry, there are several things that can affect eCommerce sales. For those who are still adjusting to the turbulent market of eCommerce, here are some of the major factors that can improve or lower your sales and conversion rates. 1. Website Navigation The first and ...

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Jessica Alba’s Startup, Honest, Valued at $1.7 Billion


By DOUGLAS MACMILLAN and ROLFE WINKLER Honest Co., the baby-products retailer co-founded by movie star Jessica Alba, has raised $100 million in a new round of funding, valuing it at about $1.7 billion, according to a person familiar with the matter. The funding boosts the e-commerce startup’s value by more than 50% since it last raised funds a year ago. A company spokeswoman declined to comment. Reuters reported last week that Honest was seeking new funds at a valuation up to $2 billion. [Read more…]

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Ecommerce startup to watch

E-commerce startup

Ecommerce startup to watch By David Hirsch, co-founder of Metamorphic Ventures It feels like just yesterday that commerce on the Internet was stale and dominated solely by two of the earliest entrants – Amazon and eBay. Omni-channel retail (reaching customers wherever they shopped – whether in store, online or on their phones) was all the rage and, in fact, was one of the major trends that drove several investments in Metamorphic’s first fund as big retail budgets flowed online as we can say  ecommerce startup . At the time, the innovative commerce models were based mostly on flash sales and ...

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ecommerce store perform better

ecommerce store

GUEST COMMENT Five ways to make your ecommerce store perform better By Sean Blanks   Britons are the biggest online spenders in Europe, with predictions of an average £1,174 per person to be spent shopping across the net in 2015 (Centre for Retail Research). That’s a year-on-year rise of 16%, pushing online retail sales in the UK to £52bn. But ecommerce sites must be up to the challenge of sharing in that, if visits are to convert to sales. Here are five ways of making sure ecommerce sites are up to scratch. Is it fast enough? Customers don’t like to ...

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A Better Ecommerce Website Means More Business

Ecommerce site

A Better Ecommerce Website Means More Business Creating an eCommerce website is much more than designing an aesthetically pleasing online store. It involves developing an executable blueprint that transitions a visitor into a customer through simple navigation. Even before this you need to acquire that visitor using various SEO strategies in order to position yourself to the limitless success that online selling can bring. Your website needs to be visible to the search engine, then move its way to the top of the search engine, be clicked on, and then through an eye-grabbing design with easy navigation convert its visitor into ...

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