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Webrooming – Retail Opportunities

Webrooming Open 5 Retail Opportunities Channel .

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Webrooming has largely been fueled by shoppers’ growing demand for immediacy. It’s enabled by the spike in retailers offering same day in storepickup. But retailers long standing fear of ‘showrooming‘– the process whereby shoppers look at products in store and buy elsewhere.

What is Webrooming?

Webrooming is when consumers research products online, then come into a physical store to buy them”. Webrooming is even hotter than showrooming. It’s creating new opportunities for brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Why Do Consumers Choose Webrooming?

Particularly when they could just as easily order a product online. Why add that extra step?

1. One of the major reason is, consumer don’t want to pay for shipping. To make sure you capture the sale, try offering coupons good only for users who visit your site. And then buy a product in store. Or allow customers to order online and pick up in store to save on shipping.

2. Consumer want to see and touch a product before buying it. This is especially important with “sensory” products. The product like home furnishings, clothing and cosmetics. Encourage customers to test products in store. it is also create displays that are tactile and inviting.

3. Lots of consumer want to check in store availability online  then go to the store so they don’t waste a trip. Look into an ecommerce system that has this capability for your store. It is also educate employees about the importance of making sure data. It is accurately maintained so customers aren’t disappointed.

4. Consumer want to be able to return products to a physical store. You can capture both online and in store sales to these consumers by offering the ability to buy online. it is also return in store for webrooming .

5. Certain amount of consumer don’t want to wait for delivery. To be sure you have in-store availability information on your ecommerce site so they can check it out. Make sure that your clerks have accurate inventory info at hand. The customers might call the store as well.

Business Opportunities with Webrooming

The retailers can capitalize on this growing trend. Focusing consumers’motivation to choose webrooming in the first place. When shoppers wereasked why they would search for items online prior. in this case, the responses varied. And also, allowing in store pickup and including product descriptions. Also the, availability are easy ways to address these concerns. Offering savings or coupons to consumers. That browse the website but makeinstore purchases may expand the actual customer. Retailers should also providealerts regarding last chance purchases and inventory restock.

More Ways to Capitalize

Capitalizing on these factors requires an overall awareness of the entireproduct and shopping experience. Offering hassle-free returns for any online orstore purchase is a good beginning. It may be useful to encourage product testing. another one is offering authoritative advice helping customers find the best items. Retailers should also match online prices and offer free Wi-Fi as  an incentive so that customers can research costs on site.

Although many physical retail stores are suffering due toInternet-focused buying tendencies. It’s not too late to turn things around. By improving the in store shopping process, retailers can convert showroomers intoreal customers. This way consumer can take advantage of the webrooming effect. When making these changes, it’s best to unify all the relevant store, mobile and Webchannels. This will create a continuity and flow for each customer experience.

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